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The Class of 1977

Merry Christmas Everyone

There will be a gathering of the Class of 1977 grads this Christmas Season.

This is a come one, come all, no need to RSVP, just show up event.

Saturday December 13th

It is being held at:

Fox & Hound Pub and Grille
370 W. Army Trail Road #410
Bloomingdale, Illinois
(630) 295-9626

Come anytime after 8:30pm

On Army Trail Road, between Gary Avenue and Schmale Road

Hope to see everyone there!

Personal Digital Pictures taken at the reunion can be displayed on the website:
Please send the pictures to me at and i will get them up on the website.
The function of this site is to collect information. I hope to be able to collect most recent information about everyone who graduated from Proviso West High School, in the year 1977. My goal is also to determine who is interested in joining us for our 30th year reunion. I know 2007 would be 30 years, but we are running late with the arrangements. We WILL have a reunion in 2008 to celebrate our 30th anniversary from Proviso West.

From Left to Right: Lou, Darlene, Kristen, Marci, and Michael meeting at Jimmy's Charhouse 1/27/2008

I will collect the minimum amount of information possible if that is a concern of yours, but I would like everyone to enter as much information as they feel comfortable with. I do recommend that that you do at least leave your name and email address, for I will be sending out email flyers regarding updates for the reunion; this will be the easiest and quickest for me. I can assure you that this information will be used for nothing more than reunions. This will not be a list that is sold or distributed in any form. This is a totally FREE site, there are no costs, donations or subscription fees.
Even if you do not plan on attending this reunion, I will encourage you to sign up here so that once you change your mind for the 40th reunion, we will have your current information.
My hope is that we can get some of you to help out in the organization of this reunion. And at the very least, i hope that everyone will look at this list and work on contacting at least 5 or 10 people that they knew from school and have lost contact with, so that they can share this website with them, and we can have the greatest amount of people sign up here and hopefully attend the reunion
Notice the link buttons on the left. You can view who has already signed in and will be attending by clicking on the Who's Attending link, and another link of the people that have responded but cant make it to the reunion (Who's not attending).  Maybe we can persuade some of those folks to attend.   Click the link ENTER YOUR INFORMATION, to update your information for this and any future reunions. Finally the link WHO WE CANT FIND is the complete class of 1977 alumni listing, which will tell you who is lost and has not been contacted. Please feel free to try to locate any of those members, and ask them to sign in here. There is even a link EMAIL THE COMMITTEE, for if you have a suggestion or just want to say hello to all of us. We would love to hear from you. Dont forget to bookmark this site for future reference.
Here is a list of the people already involved with organizing this reunion, and we hope that we can get others to join in with us. Marci Johnson, Kristen Murphy, Michael Klich, Cathy Pavelka, Linda Pfeifer, Mary Jean Roselli-Pullia, Cathy Samuel, Louis Seida, Darlene Skrbic, Jeff Strathmann, and Tony Wdowiarz.
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